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Money article

5 Simple Money Moves To Make In Your 20s To Be Rich In Your 40s

These moves will make you financially healthier than you would have been otherwise.

Careerpivot article

You Don't Need A Career Change, You Just Need To Pivot | Ellevate

It tends to hit around 10 or 15 year mark in your career. You’ve been working in the same job or the same field for years -- and then all of a sudden -- you know it’s time for change.

Returningtowork article

Personal Branding When You're Returning To Work | Ellevate

It’s never easy to find a job, but when you’ve been out of work raising a family, it can feel as if while you were home, your industry went right on spinning without you.

Retirementsave article

How to Save for Retirement ... When You Have Student Loans

The thing about retirement savings is that there’s no substitute for starting early—and it can be incredibly difficult to make up for lost time.

Bridesmaidshate4 article

How To Get Your Bridesmaids Not To Hate You

Given that the bridal party is made up of close family and friends, keeping relationships intact should be a priority.

Pinterestcliches article

10 Pinterest Cliches To Avoid - Or Your Wedding Will Look Like Everyone Else's

Pinterest may be the greatest gift to wedding inspiration that the brides (and wanna-be brides) have ever had. Despite the depth of the site, the same photos get shared over and over again, creating a culture of sameness.

Weddingguests article

10 Annoying Wedding Guests -- And How To Deal With Them

Between demanding to bring a guest or being socially awkward, the guest list offers plenty of opportunity to consider eloping..

Maternityleavechart article

By The Numbers: Ellevate Members And Family Leave | Ellevate

Family leave is hot a topic. Even if you don't have kids yet, a company's leave policy could affect your decision to work for them.

Wedding music article

10 Wedding Songs That Aren't Canon in D

Music sets the mood and the ambiance of your ceremony. It’s worth investing a little time to make it an experience.

Broker article

10 Things Your Real Estate Broker Won't Tell You

We spoke to agents around the country and got some of their best insights, things they are probably too polite to say around clients to help you better negotiate the home-buying process.

Iphone article
The Huffington Post

The iPhone as Personal Time Capsule

Most people turn in their phones when they upgrade, but for me, each one captured a distinct period of time. They’re like little time capsules.

Killingmonica article
The Huffington Post

Candace Bushnell's New Book Is Outdated Chick Lit

'Killing Monica' feels like a half-baked first draft of a book that was likely written a long time ago, and was dusted off in order to fulfill a book contract.

Performancereview article

What To Do After A Bad Performance Review | Ellevate

There are few people who haven’t had a less-than-stellar performance review. While they may sting your ego, they certainly aren’t job or career killers. They may even be opportunities for growth.

Firsttimemanager article

First Time Manager? Here's What You Need To Know

There are certain career milestones most people hope to achieve: that first real job, your first raise, and then, your first management position.

Bridesmaids article

9 Ways to Save Money as a Bridesmaid

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor, of course, but one that can come with a hefty price tag.