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Pauline Millard oversees the personal finance vertical for Chase's Brand Newsroom. She started her career at The Associated Press and writes about personal finance and careers.

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Returningtowork article

Personal Branding When You're Returning To Work | Ellevate

It’s never easy to find a job, but when you’ve been out of work raising a family, it can feel as if while you were home, your industry went right on spinning without you.

Careerpivot article

You Don't Need A Career Change, You Just Need To Pivot | Ellevate

It tends to hit around 10 or 15 year mark in your career. You’ve been working in the same job or the same field for years -- and then all of a sudden -- you know it’s time for change.

Maternityleavechart article

By The Numbers: Ellevate Members And Family Leave | Ellevate

Family leave is hot a topic. Even if you don't have kids yet, a company's leave policy could affect your decision to work for them.

Performancereview article

What To Do After A Bad Performance Review | Ellevate

There are few people who haven’t had a less-than-stellar performance review. While they may sting your ego, they certainly aren’t job or career killers. They may even be opportunities for growth.

Firsttimemanager article

First Time Manager? Here's What You Need To Know

There are certain career milestones most people hope to achieve: that first real job, your first raise, and then, your first management position.

Leaveentryleveljob article

How To Move On From An Entry Level Job

Maybe a year or so you get your bearings and the entry level job that you were so jazzed about is no longer much of a challenge. It’s time to move up.