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Pauline Millard oversees the Your Money vertical for Chase's Brand Newsroom. She started her career at The Associated Press and writes about personal finance and careers.

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Interest rates article

How The Recent Interest Rate Increase Will Impact You

The Fed recently raised its short-term interest rate. Here's what that means.

Boutiquefitness article

8 Ways To Manage The Cost Of Boutique Fitness

Because those barre classes can get pricey.

Weddingcash article

Here's What To Do With All That Wedding Cash

For a lot of people, wedding money is the first influx of cash they ever experience.

Studentathlete article

How To Manage The Costs Of Youth Sports

How to meet the rising costs for student athletes without taking away the fun.

Bulk article

Creative Ways To Maximize Bulk Purchases

Large quantities of food can be overwhelming. Here's how to make it last.

Bananas article

7 Great Food Deals At Wholesale Clubs -- According To Chefs

Chefs know what the best, and sometimes overlooked, items are among the thousands available.

Backtoschool article

Where To Find The Best Back To School Deals

When you need back-to-school supplies, a quick stop at the drugstore isn't going to cut it.

Space article

Meet The Man Behind The Holiday Storefront Windows

Maz Khalfan was fired by his dad. Now, he runs a leading company that designs display windows for the world's top luxury retailers.

Unemploy article

New JPMorgan Chase Institute Study Explores Unemployment Insurance

UI is quite effective at preventing large spending drops among people who are unemployed for relatively short periods.